3 Things You Never Thought Could Affect Your Relationship


Alright my friends, I’ve pulled together some surprising information about what may be unknowingly affecting us and our loves.  If you are interested in learning more about any of these, shoot me a message! I’m a big fan of evidence, and I would be happy to send you the research and studies!


Say what?! Water can affect our relationships? Yes! Well, hydration can! The brain is a giant network of neurons that do their best work in a well-lubricated environment. When we do not provide a hydrated atmosphere for our lovely brains to operate in, we are more likely to experience headaches and impaired thinking! Impaired thinking = less than awesome decisions. Maybe we feel less patient, more irritable, or we are more distracted. Add children into the mix? Even more chaos to try to battle with a stale mind. I personally struggled with an anxious mind and didn’t start drinking enough water until I got this wonderful water bottle. I love it and take it with me EVERYWHERE. Drink up, sisters!

Chick Flicks:

I love me a good chick flick. Love ‘em. If you ever want to gab about You’ve Got Mail or While You Were Sleeping, I’m your girl. How could something that gives me such warm fuzzies affect my love life? Well, the issue psychologists are seeing with Hollywood love stories is the inaccuracy they portray about real life relationships. Girl meets boy, they fall in love, they may hit a rocky spot or two, but it works out quickly and life suddenly becomes perfect, now that they’ve found each other. We hopefully all understand that this is not real life.

In the real world, relationships are hard and require work and commitment. But it’s possible that the constant viewing of TV shows and movies that reflect this effortless love can impact how we think about our own relationships. We may not even realize it!  Suddenly your man isn’t as satisfying as the Matthew McConaughey on screen who works out with trainers, makes a fortune, and whispers every sweet word we are all aching to hear said to us. It’s a comparison game we play with just about everything else in Hollywood. Image, money, popularity, etc.

Hint: My favorite remedy for the lows and woes is some good old fashioned bible reading and the washing of my mind with Jesus. Keep an eye out for your mood after you see Bridget Jones!

Rituals & Traditions

Dread going to Sunday dinners, church, or that tacky Christmas party for the neighborhood each year? I have some encouraging news for you. Research reveals that keeping certain rituals or traditions in your family is actually healthy for the inner relationships! Rituals or traditions that are consistent provide stability for family members. We can always rely on those Thanksgiving get-togethers where our extended family stands way too close to us and serves way too much food.

These events open up opportunities for the family to communicate and remain close knit. This is incredibly important for families with children. Don’t have any traditions? Don’t despair! Rituals can be as simple as sitting down for dinner together and allowing everyone to participate in conversation and the cleanup (Except you, Momma, you get a free pass for cleanup). If you’ve got that ritual down, add some more traditions this year!

Here’s just a few examples:

pumpkin patches
apple picking
christmas light looking
singing carols
a beach trip

What about your family? I’d love to hear about your own rituals or traditions!


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One thought on “3 Things You Never Thought Could Affect Your Relationship

  1. Kathy

    Love it Sam !! Our family traditions have held us together ? And as a mother of GROWN up children – it warms my heart to know my kids held them important too. The next generation will benefit ?


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