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Delicious & Simple Date Night Fondue

It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s yummy. If you’ve never made your own fondue, don’t be afraid of it! Some of the best date nights are when you and your man do something out of the ordinary and walk each other through it.Date Night Fondue

Recently, I posted a plea to my fellow couples to stop looking at date night as a luxury, buckle down, and devote some one on one time with your man. I feel that it is only fair, now, to share some easy to get ready ideas. Especially if your date night needs to be in that tiny chunk of time that is after the babies go to bed but before you crash in bed.

So here it is! The simplest and tastiest, date night treat. OM NOM NOM.

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The best part of chocolate fondue is that the prep really doesn’t take long. My advice is to pick a movie, set up your ingredients (maybe on the coffee table), and work together. Before you start, decide how you will melt your chocolate. If you have a fondue pot you’re all set! If not, no worries, but you will need a small pot and a metal bowl like this.


Lindt Chocolate Truffles, Milk or Dark chocolate  5 oz

Your choice of a liqueur (We had Bailey’s on hand which was delicious, but Chambord and Kahlua are great too!)

For the Dippers:

You can totally just raid your fridge, if you like! It’s amazing how many things go awesome with chocolate…




Graham Crackers


Brownie Bites

Be adventurous!


Begin by chopping up all your dippers into roughly 1 inch pieces. Dan and I like to eat in the living room on date night, so we put our cutting boards right on the coffee table. We also use an extension cord with our fondue pot so we can start melting the chocolate right next to us. Yes, we date night hard at our house.

If you don’t have a fondue pot, you can quickly and easily melt your chocolate on the stove and then bring it back to the table. Float a metal dish over a pot of hot water and slowly stir your truffles until they are completely melted, delicious, and runny. I definitely recommend putting a fondue pot on your Christmas list, though! They are so much fun and great for family and friend gatherings.

The best part about using Lindt chocolate is that it really does melt like a dream and you don’t have to add anything else to it. Just your liqueur, of course. I would start with a teaspoon of liqueur and then add more as you like.

And now, you’re all set! You can use forks, fondue sticks, skewers, or your hands! Enjoy!

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