Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Him

Alright, ladies! Here is my top 10 list for man gifts in 2016. If you are anything like me, the idea of not getting something awesome that my guy will love, is cringe worthy. Whether you are in a new relationship and just can’t seem to think of anything or you have been with your man for years and just want to do something different, this list is for you.

All of the items listed are tried & true, and connected to affiliate links by Amazon.  Some of these are the exact items I’ve bought for Dan, while others are similar. I had him sit down and order the list from great (10) to best (1). He’s loved them all, and although he is a sweetheart, I know whether he’s thrilled about something or not!

Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

#10 Great Sheets

This might seem out of left field for guys, but hear me out. Sleep is important for everyone, and having a great set of sheets really is exquisite. Maybe your man is already a sheets snob. In that case, gift – nailed. If he’s not, open his eyes to the wonders of sleeping on a cloud. He’ll thank you, and bonus, you get to use them, too!

#9 Camelbak Water Bottle

I’ve raved about this water bottle before. It’s awwwwwesome. Dan, his son, and I, take ours everywhere. And when one gets lost, it’s agony until we can get a new one. These water bottles are the best because of the bite valve and straw. It’s easy to suck down gulps of water, and the valve actually holds water until your next sip. This prevents gulping down unnecessary air. The whole family drinks so much more water having one of these with us everywhere. If you don’t have one either, get one! They are an amazing price for the value.

#8 Lunch Box

Bringing lunch to work saves money and provides an outlet for your leftovers. This lunch box is easy to clean, stays cold, and doubles as a small beer cooler for game events. We also use it for packing snacks when we take day trips. It’s been a year and it still looks brand new.

#7 New Wallet 

Wallets make great gifts since these are always getting worn out from being overstuffed. Try going for a slimmer wallet if he wants to stop hoarding around lots of cards.

#6 Slippers

Believe me. They love them, and if they can get away with it, they WILL wear them to the store or to get gas. Dan loves his so much, he falls asleep in bed before he takes them off.

#5 Yeti Colster

This thing is so worth the money. In fact, after my father found out I was getting this for Dan, he requested one, too! They work wonderfully at keeping beers cold longer, and bonus, they just look awesome!

#4 Tools

I haven’t actually needed to get Dan these because he’s had plenty, but it’s an essential item to list for guys that don’t. A tool kit is so important and so practical! It doesn’t have to be a crazy, magical kit with everything under the sun in it (although, if you find one for a good price…). Just something that can be kept in the trunk for emergencies or for when YOU need to hang a painting. If he has a basic toolkit already, try to get an idea from him (stealth like, of course) of what the next item would be in building a tool empire.

#3 New Shirts & Hoodies

Dan hates shopping. But he’s got to be clothed. In my experience, there are plenty of other things your man would rather do than wandering around picking out the most flattering shirts for himself. Having shirts just appear that are stylish, a great color, and feel amazing is a blessing. Old Navy Long-Sleeved Thermals are Dan’s favorites and he’s actually asked me to get doubles of each for when one is in the wash.

#2 Grill…anything

Check out your man’s grill stuff. Does he have the basics? Are they over used? Brushes, spatulas, tongs? One of the best things Dan got for his birthday was actually from my parents. A big box of grilling meats. Steaks, chicken, bratwurst, etc. We froze it all and thaw whatever he wants, whenever he wants to grill. You have a wide range of ways to go when it comes to grilling. It really is an art for some guys.

#1 Tickets!

Tickets to any sporting event that he loves, will score you big points. Get two and if you don’t want to go (but if he wants you to go, you should, they are so much fun and it’s really an honor to be picked to tag along with him) let him know he can bring a friend. This gift is fool-proof. Even if the seats are up high, he’ll still be thrilled to see his team live.

If by the end of this list you still feel unsure of what to get him, go the gift card route. Sometimes a gift card can feel impersonal, but I want you to take a moment and step inside a man’s mind. Your woman spent her money wisely by purchasing you something that can be used whenever on whatever? Win! Dan’s top 3 gift card locations are Home Depot/Lowes, Gander Mountain/Bass Pro, or Best Buy.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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