Why Should I Pray? Can We Change God’s Mind?

Why Should I Pray?Dearest sister,

I wish we were sitting together right now and I could hold your hands as we pray for God to guide this discussion and lead us to a place of peace and understanding. If there is one question I hear more than ever about my relationship with God, it’s why do I bother praying? I can hear the argument still.

You just said God is in control. You just said He’s got it all figured out. You just said He knows better than I do. So, why should I pray?

I’ll admit that sometimes examining faith on the surface can seem contradictory. Without God’s Word I would be completely lost. How can a God that is perfect, smarter than we could ever measure, and completely unshakable, do what WE ask for? It doesn’t make any sense…. Or does it?

If you have your bible turn to Exodus 33. I also encourage you to get a bible if don’t have one! Mine has become a sanctuary. If you’re looking for a bible, this is my absolute favorite for bible study. Now, just a heads up about what is going on here: Moses and the  Israelites are making their way to the Promised Land, but not without sounding like a bunch of overtired children (no offense, Israel, I sound just like you a majority of the time). Go ahead and dive in!

The beauty in this passage is that God said he was going to do one thing (not send His presence with Israel) but through Moses’s pleading and genuine prayer, God acted differently (agreed to go with them). Did Moses change God’s mind? Not exactly. God is unchangeable. He knows what we need, though, and He knows how to go about providing for us.

God created a moment for Moses to be vulnerable with Him, to bow down and humble himself before his creator. He created a moment for Moses to ENGAGE with him. To be a part of God’s work.

When we bow before God and pray from a genuine place, He moves. God never designed us to be robots that follow him without question or thought. He could have, but he didn’t. Why? Because he loves you, dearest. He loves us more than we could ever imagine. He wanted to talk to us, to hold us, to listen to us in our pain, and hear our call for Him. And all of these things benefit us, too! They make us stronger and more concrete in our faith.

Have you been holding out? Take some time right now and lay it all out for him. Engage, talk, ask, and believe without wavering. I’ll be praying for you tonight, sister.

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